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          • 浏览:13

          2018動作喜劇《辛巴》720p.BD中英雙字 - 內容介紹:

          ◎譯  名 辛巴
          ◎片  名 Simmba
          ◎年  代 2018
          ◎產  地 印度
          ◎類  別 喜劇/動作
          ◎語  言 印地語
          ◎字  幕 中字
          ◎上映日期 2018-12-28(印度)
          ◎IMDb評分  6.3/10 from 14995 users
          ◎導  演 羅希特·謝迪 Rohit Shetty
          ◎編  劇 Puri Jagannath / Vakkantham Vamsi
          ◎主  演 蘭維爾·辛格 Ranveer Singh
                阿賈耶·德烏幹 Ajay Devgan
                阿明·阿卜杜勒·奎德 Abdul Quadir Amin
                Sara Ali Khan
                索努·蘇德 Sonu Sood
                Suresh Oberoi
                Siddarth Jadhav
                Naushaad Abbas

          ◎簡  介 

            Ranveer "Simmba" is a fully corrupted police officer who gets transferred to City-X. There he joins hands with Main Antagonist "Actor-X" and treads the corruption route.Twist in the tale arises when Simmba girlfriend"Sara" gets accidentally kidnapped by Actor-X. This incident makes Simmba very angry and he goes against Actor-X and his empire. During this time, Simmba also comes to know that there is a bigger motive behind this kidnapping. What is that motive and will Simmba manage to find out the truth and punish the culprits forms the rest of the story.


          在線觀看:http://www.66s.cc/dongzuopian/11200.html 磁力:辛巴.720p.BD中英雙字.mp4 BT:辛巴.720p.BD中英雙字.mp4 電驢:辛巴.720p.BD中英雙字.mp4